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Come Together Band

This  band was formed in the summer of 2013 by Steve Bowder (Keys).


We are not wanting to look, dress, or emulate what has already been done by so many tribute bands. We just want to celebrate their music using the instruments, vocals, and talent that we have to offer. Come Together brings a perfect harmony blend. This brought us together and will bring you to "Come Together" shows time after time. Join us in a "music celebration of Beatles Music!"

"One thing I can tell you is we got to be free. Come Together -The Beatles"

Face Book Reviews

Mark Dawson (Bassist "The Grass Roots")— 5 star

These guys totally 'get' the FAB Four sound. Way to go, lads!

Brian Odette  — 5 star

Amazing show!!!! Super fun, awesome music and vocals. One of the better tribute bands I've ever seen

Jordan Baade — 5 star

Love love love. Just watched the duo and they were amazing. Very crowd oriented and took all kinds of requests. Would love to watch again.

Tamra Blann — 5 star

Their shows are so much fun!

Paige Moss  — 5 star

Honestly, the best Beatles cover band I have ever heard. Had an incredible experience listening to these guys!!!! Love love love so so so much!!!!

Brian Odette — 5 star

Amazing show!!!! Super fun, awesome music and vocals. One of the better tribute bands I've ever seen.

Kimberly Daniels — 5 star

Fun loving, highly entertaining and amazing musicians!! Recommend them highly!

Jeri Nisi Martin — 5 star

Saw the band last night on the river cruise in Omaha with my hubby. We had a great time and really enjoyed their music!

Scott Freiman — 5 star

Come Together are fantastic! Can't wait to see them again.

-- Scott Freiman, Deconstructing the Beatles

Jena Johnson — 5 star

So great! Sounds so much like the band! Loved by people of any age!

Jennifer Cervantes — 5 star

We saw you guys last night in a friends back yard! So much fun and you guys were great! Interested in hiring you for a 50th bday party next September! Hope to see you guys play soon!

Crystal Vandevoorde — 5 star

Saw the band in Wahoo last night and man were they good! Spot on and lots of fun!

Charlie Glasgow — 5 star

Awesome combo these lads! Wonderful songs from my fave band of Liverpool musos!

Jack Stuart — 5 star

So very good ....I was completely blown good come together is

Quick Contact link:

Steve Bowder / Keys / Vocals

It all started with a dream...Repeating dreams as a matter of fact.  Steve wanted to play music with The Beatles but never could reach them.  They're all alive even though we lost two members,

but the opportunity kept appearing as he slept.  

From that...Steve created this wonderful group of musicians as the bands Keyboardist/Vocalist.

So much passion in this music and so little time to share it with everyone.

As the bands graphic designer,  you can always look forward to seeing colorful artwork for each concert or promotion.

Peace & Love.

Go US Navy!

Beatles Tribute Band
Beatles Tribute Band

Steve Glandt Drums / Vocals

Come together Band
Come Together Band
Come Together Band

Jon Hough / Bass & Vocals


Dennis Cronican / Guitars & Vocals

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